Following a panel summoned Twitter for alleged prejudice against”right-wing” accounts as general elections the micro-blogging system on Wednesday said it’s in contact with the Indian authorities on the problem.

“Discussions with the authorities on this particular issue are now on and nothing further could be commented in the present time till additional consent,” a Twitter India spokesperson told IANS.

It was unclear who will reflect Twitter from the February 11 meeting.

The panel will analyze the matter of”Safeguarding citizens rights social media/online news programs” in its meeting on February 11 in Parliament complicated, Thakur tweeted Tuesday.

In his program, Bhandari alleged that Twitter was suspending accounts that either encourage”Indic ideals or the present government”.

Owners of social networking platforms are on how best to control the spread of misinformation and bogus news in a huddle Since India gears up for elections.

Addressing a town-hall meeting in the Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi at November, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said imitation news is a method too major group, including the social media is shooting”multi-variable” measures to curtail the spread of misleading data before 2019 general elections.

Twitter, that will be growing with a favorable trajectory in India, is also searching for”a exceptional pioneer” who will choose the country surgeries to another level.


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