Animal lovers in Lithuania have generated a mobile program inspired by the favorite program Tinder to match dogs at shelters that were local up with owners.

The program is currently getting hundreds of users daily and was started and has made a couple games. It joins a growing marketplace of programs for people seeking to adopt a pet, such as BarkBuddy and PawsLikeMe.

“It’s similar to Tinder, but with puppies,” explained Vaidas Gecevicius, among program’s founders. “You are able to organize a meeting with all the puppy — a date”

GetPet features profiles of furry critters appearing with tender eyes. By scrolling down, info is revealed and people can swipe at .

However there are limitations to the Tinder contrast. It is a circumstance that is one-sided and the dogs do not get to get a encounter. Another dog profile seems if you left.

Gecevicius explained the idea came into founders when they found a dog through the window in a computer workshop on the road.

The aim is to include other creatures and cats although the program features dogs for today.

Two buddies, Elena and Emily, lately watched the program and subsequently visited with the SOS Gyvunai protector to fulfill with a moderate mongrel, Piff. They shot him for a stroll at a park that was snow-covered and stated they’d return to take him.

“I think that it’s really an extremely wonderful thought because in Lithuania we’ve got a good deal of stray dogs and also a great deal of individuals that wish to embrace,” 24-year-old Elena stated as puppies nearby conducted around in outside cages barking.

Ilona Reklaityte, the founder of the shelter, stated she is pleased about the solution to an old issue.

“I actually welcome this new program because it gives us more opportunities to locate our pets new owners and a new residence, which means we could then help other puppies on the roads,” Reklaityte explained.

“We’ve got 140 dogs at the moment. Occasionally we give away one or 2 of these daily, but today we get (most ) more forecasts and individuals are coming more frequently


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