Google Pixel telephones will let you pause program reboots and Android upgrades so that you may get your work. Downloads may be paused which could assist users in conditions when they want their online bandwidth. A message stating”Setup will automatically restart when the unit is idle” enables users know that an upgrade has been paused mechanically, and this may also be overridden when the consumer selects to do so. As it might assist users work around a significant disruption may be the part of those modifications.

The shift to the upgrade mechanism on Google’s superior tablets was seen by Android Authorities . The procedure can be paused at any given point, beginning from downloading the upgrade and such as the”optimising apps” stage.

Pixel telephones will inquire whether you would like to restart or schedule a resume for later 2am when prepared. If you opt for the latter alternative, you will be told by the device it’s scheduled to get a restart between 2am and 4am. You will have the choice to reboot your phone you want by tapping on the’Restart Now’ button.

There’s not any way to decide on any time slot with the procedure, although the window will be a further effort to ascertain the time for a person. It is not immediately clear whether users will have the ability to defer the restart if they’re still occupied between 2am and 4am.

Though this new behavior is being viewed together with the February 2019 safety patch for Android 9, Android Police additionally points out that it’s been anticipated since late last year, even once the text strings which currently seem as status messages popped up at a Github post.

Google’s Pixel telephones receive routine Android upgrades including timely security patches. The About section inside the Preferences program has moved from the System menu to develop into a segment, and also a Safety & Regulatory Manual segment was added, although there are no new features in the upgrade.


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