FIFA 19 for Xbox One, its PS4, also Nintendo Switch may be the biggest selling console video game during the calendar year of 2018 for EA in Europe, but it still fell short of the company’s estimates. What isthe main reason for the shortfall is FIFA 18. So much so that last year’s video game cannibalised sales of FIFA 19, a fact which EA confessed saying that converting people FIFA 18 buyers has been expected. When you consider the costs of those games are large and glistening no real surprise options exist.

“The conversion was slower than planned, resulting in unit sales which were efficiently horizontal year-over-year.”

“Life up to now, FIFA 19 complete video game unit sales are approximately horizontal to FIFA 18 and marginally below our expectations,” he explained. “We consider the underperformance was driven by the intense rivalry during the entire year. It’s likely that the achievement of World Cup promotions pulled on FIFA 19 earnings provided that through Calendar 2018, we sold more copies of FIFA than ever before. FIFA 19’s earnings are roughly 20 million units, this year 28, and we have sold more than three million units of FIFA 18. And as Andrew stated, FIFA 19 was the best selling console video game in Europe from the Calendar 2018.”

Nevertheless, Wilson called the popularity of its FIFA Global series , snagging 80 per cent complete minutes compared to past year. Additionally, FIFA Ultimate Team is still a bright place with January 2019 with its”strongest team-of-the-year occasion .


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